Super-insulated and airtight, our New Zealand made Smart Structural Insulation Panels (NZSIP) is the easiest way to build a next-generation, healthy, energy-efficient home.

Our Smart panels come in the following thickness and R values


115mm Smart, Wall & Roof Panels: Includes 90mm LVL framing for doors and window frames.

  • 90mm of High Density PUR foam core.
  • R 4.5 of insulation.
  • Weight from 20Kg/m2 (Standard Wall Panel)

165mm Smart Floor, Wall & Roof Panels: Includes 140mm LVL framing for floor joists, doors and window frames.

  • 140mm of High Density PUR foam core
  • R 7 of insulation
  • Weight from 22Kg/m2 (Standard Wall Panel) to 24.7Kg/m2 (Standard Roof Panel)

215mm Smart Roof Panels: Includes190mm LVL framing for roof ends.

  • 190mm of High Density PUR foam core
  • R 9.4 of insulation
  • Weight from 27.9Kg/m2 (Standard Roof Panel)

our Smart Panels are custom manufactured for your home


Our panels are custom built to a myriad of different shapes and sizes to fit your home design in our factory. The panels are then injection molded to reduce all possible material waste.

Standard Smart Wall panel sheet sizes: Up to 1220 mm wide and 3m high and can be connected together to make taller and wider wall areas.

Standard Roof & Floor panel sheet sizes: Up to 1220 mm wide and 3.6m long and can be connected together to make longer and wider roof and floor areas.


Smart Panel PRICING:

The cost of NZSIP Smart Panel walls and roof should only equate to approximately 8 to 12% of the cost of your finished build yet will double if not triple your homes energy performance and comfort . 

The following prices are a general $/m2 guide for our most common constructed wall, floor and roof areas.

Estimated pricing for a very high performance home solution suitable for the whole country: 

  • 115mm NZSIP Smart Wall with R4.5 insulation from $155m2 +GST of wall area
  • 165mm NZSIP Smart Roof with R7 insulation from $170m2 +GST of roof area

For more specialized homes and cooler climate builds consider:

  • 165mm NZSIP Smart Wall with R7 insulation from $175m2+GST
  • 215mm NZSIP Smart Roof with R9.4 insulation from $190m2+GST

For homes on piles or over basements:

  • 165mm NZSIP Smart Floor with R7 insulation from $185m2+GST (includes additional structural timber to sit on bearers)

*Note this is a supply only m2 estimate and pricing can vary depending on complexity of design. This price does not include install labour costs. Any licensed building practitioner can install NZSIP Smart Panels and as a starting point please visit our Recommended Professionals to find a home builder or installer. 

Additional pricing information: 

The NZSIP SmartPanel system provides a turnkey solution for creating the building's envelop, with minimal labour and materials required on site. Our prices reflect efficiency gained by in-factory installed panel components as below: 

  • All building m2 price includes timber such as panel top plates, panel joining splines, framing for door & window openings and all in-panel beam supports and joists. 
  • Prices include a high performance building wrap breathable moisture membrane applied as standard on all wall panels.

International studies show you should expect about 50% labour content saving compared to the construction of a standard code compliant timber frame home, with even more savings if comparing to building with air tightness wraps and air barrier taping. 

Please note specialized specific engineering timber like structural lintels above an wide opening are not included in our m2 area prices. In-Panel molded engineering timber (HySpan or LVL13) and machined angled timber for roof joins ('Rake Plates') are supplied as separate prices according to project engineering requirements.

You will also have bottom plate timber costs that are specific to the foundation used as an additional building cost, and the cost of fixings and air tightness tapes will be estimated specifically for each build. 

Please send scale building elevations & plans in PDF format to if you would like a specific cost estimate.

Code Mark:

NZSIP Smart Panels are certified for Code Mark which is an easily-understood and robust way to show our Smart Panels meet the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code when submitting plans for building consent.


Manufacturing Process: 

Watch the video below to better understand how our high performance Smart Panels are manufactured.  

Compare Conventional Timber Frame Build to Smart Panels

In the same time it takes you to stand a pre-nail timber frame & truss roof, you can install an entire air & watertight, super-insulated Smart Wall & Roof system—with over twice the energy performance.

147mm Framing with a Rigid Air Barrier

Raw material Cost from: $110* m2 – Excluding install

True finished wall R value: R 2.7

Draft level of at least 5ACH

115mm Smart Wall Panel with ProClima

Raw material Cost from : $155 m2* – Excluding install

True finished wall R value: R 4.5

Draft level of 1ACH or less - Passive House Standard

Find out more on how the system works with our introduction to NZSIP Smart Panels →

*Cost of standard framing and Smart Panels, pricing may differ depending on engineering required.

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