Smart Panels can be used in any residential or commercial design—in most cases, a little extra planning can reduce your overall cost of build and minimise material wastage.

Members of our team have built some of the most energy efficient buildings in the southern hemisphere—including design and construction of certified Passive House and Net Zero homes—so pick our brains about how to build a successful low-energy building for all price ranges.

Below, are the steps you and your architect can follow to design effectively for Premium Smart Panel construction. Need a designer for your build? Please contact us or refer to our recommended, skilled designers and builders.

Our Smart Panels team will take you through the details of the product range, providing handy hints for taking full advantage of the Smart Panels Building System. The learning curve isn't steep—it will generally take a single project to have a complete understanding of the entire Smart Building System.

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Step 2
Translate your plans

Translate your plans into Panel-based structures 

Send us your home design ideas early on in the creative process. We can offer practical feedback and discuss how the design will translate to Smart Panels—including engineering and energy efficiency considerations.

Hint: if you are looking to save money on a build (and who isn't!), consider one of our standard designs.

Step 3

From a dimensioned drawing we can provide an initial cost estimate. Your final pricing will be subject to receiving engineering and working drawings. 

We offer a full envelope solution, or you can choose from Walls, Roof and Floor panels.  

Our pricing is generated offering a panel price, all the non structural timber elements such as timber splines, window and door framing, and top plates, our wall panels also have a breathable membrane attached  

Once we have assessed your plans, we can provide you with an estimate. You will find this finished installed wall m2 cost is comparable to timber frame solutions due to reduction in labour but with far better energy performance.

Step 4
Panel plans

Panel plans are generated by our team using Auto Cad Revit which can be provided to you in either 2D or 3D format. 

Step 5
Shop drawing

There is zero on site fabrication with our custom built, that’s why they are at a premium price, our injection moulded Smart Panels—save time and expensive material waste in construction.

From the final panel plan we generate our shop drawings. Being a complete Smart Panel Building System we can integrate all your structural requirements.

Just like that!

The design process is that simple.

We take out all the complexity of the process; any design is possible, and most standard family homes will be manufactured in one working week.

Contact our our Smart Panels team to schedule in manufacturing of your panels.

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