The Smart Building System Components—Three types of build specific Structural Insulated Panels.

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Smart Roof

Our Smart Roof offers maximum insulation without loss of internal conditioned living space.

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Smart Walls

Only taking hours to install, there is no easier way to get a build off to the right start than our Cam-lock operated Smart Walls.

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Smart Floor

Smart Floor can turn a low cost concrete slab or pile foundation into a super insulated subfloor solution. 

What is in a Smart Panel?

Smart Panel technology is an advanced prefabricated Structural Insulated Panel made up of two sheets of Structural Oriented Strandboard (OSB) or PLY wood with an injection molded high density super insulated polyurethane core, which bonds to the OSB in the 40 tonne molding press.

A weather and air-tightness membrane is applied to the OSB sheet during the production process to provide a finished exterior surface to the panel, removing the need for building wrap and giving further savings on time and cost.

A simple to use cam lock quickly pulls the Smart Panels together during the construction process making for a easy, fast install and a strong air tight bond between each panel. Service channels and structural timber can be installed in the panels when required as each Smart Panel is custom built for the home. 

NZSIP Smart Panel product options

115mm Smart Floor, Wall & Roof Panels: With 90mm of High Density PUR foam core – providing R 4.5 of insulation.

165mm Smart Floor, Wall & Roof Panels: With 140mm of High Density PUR foam core – providing R 7 of insulation.

215mm Smart Roof Panels: With 190mm of High Density PUR foam core – providing R 9.4 of insulation.

*R value at zero degrees centigrade.

Panel dimensions:

*Please note our panels are all custom built then injection molded to reduce product waste. We will custom fit our panels to your building design. 

Standard Smart Wall panel sheet sizes: 1220mm wide x 2.4m, 2.7m, 3m high.

Standard Roof & Floor panel sheet sizes 1220mm wide x 2.4m, 2.7m, 3m, 3.6m long. 

Smart Panels Finish:

All Smart Panels have  OSB  as the internal face of the panel. For nearly all jobs it is best to use OSB as build interior, then a 20mm cavity batten for electrical services followed by internal finished lining like plaster board, ply or timber paneling. 

All Smart Panels come with a NZ Code Mark certified water & air tight external membrane with a quick fix Smart Tab adhesive tab to seal between panels, top plate, bottom plate & window openings. 

Questions? Get in touch—we're more than happy to discuss how Smart Panels can be integrated into your plans. need a designer or builder? Check out our recommended professionals—they are trained to help with designing and constructing your energy efficient home.

Our Smart Building System is the next-generation of energy-efficient, affordable technology

With the complete smart building system, you can build a weather-tight, super-insulated floor, wall & roof building shell within a matter of days.

With each of our Smart Panels being custom built in a New Zealand first SIP prefabrication factory, we can build Smart Panels for any type of  building situation. 


Manufactured locally in Cromwell, Central Otago, Smart Panels offer a superior international building product made right here in New Zealand.

Local production removes significant international shipping costs for high quality prefabricated build systems and enables our advanced and superior Smart Building System to be cost competitive against existing standard New Zealand timber frame building options. 

This is truly exciting future-focused building technology that puts high-performance homes in reach of every new build or renovation in New Zealand.

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