You can experience an entirely new standard of living, regardless of the size or style of your build.

Providing European-style levels of comfort—with the ability to build to Passivhaus standards—Smart Panels keep your home at an even, comfortable temperature, regardless of the climate outside.


High-performance homes

If you have aspirations to build a low-energy home, certified Passive House or Net Zero Home, Smart Panels are a great starting point.

To achieve a high-performing home you need three key elements—continuous high-quality insulation; no thermal wicks—that will compromise your insulation; and a draft free shell—so you do not lose your hard earned winter warmth or cool temperate air in summer, to the outside elements.

Smart Panels combine all of these key performance components into one simple to use building system that makes it easier to achieve year-round comfort with less building effort and cost.

Cost effective & small footprint builds

The key to building an 'affordable house' is to achieve both an affordable build and more importantly, ongoing low running costs.

With Smart Panels you can achieve price parity against conventional stick frame construction due to pre-fabrication factory-built technology, and reduced onsite labour requirements. Couple this build saving with significantly lower heating and cooling bills—thanks to the superior insulation qualities of the panels—and you can truly achieve 'affordable' living.

Smart use of small spaces, and fast internal finishes, are hallmarks of a cost-effective build. Our 115mm wide R4.5 Smart Panels have up to 75% better cumulative R value than a comparative sized timber frame wall with conventional fibreglass insulation.

This marked improvement in insulation makes investment in complicated central heating system simply unnecessary, which saves thousands of dollars in heating systems & running costs.

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Grand designs

The highest-value item in a beautiful new home is the sense of 'whole house comfort'. Premium Smart Panels are the most logical build method to achieve a unique design style and keep these high levels of total home comfort.

Have a complex or grand design? Not a problem. Our unique Premium Smart Panel design system, combined with our panel injection moulding factory, means anything is possible—without compromise of exceptional thermal and structural performance or architectural integrity and flair.


Developers can consider the value of solid wall construction for mitigating wall damage in rental investments. Long-term, stable tenancies are more likely thanks to low running costs and dry, warm, comfortable living spaces.

If you are looking to build multiple homes, or small multi-residential apartments, the pre-fabricated build process of Smart Panels cannot be beaten. Multiple builds can be completed in record time, enabling quick turn around on development sites with minimum truck movements—and reduced construction noise for neighbours. Each build is literally put together with a Allen Key and a impact driver—all in a matter of days.

On multiple builds pre-set conduits for electrical services can reduce on-site labour and can remove the need for internal cavity battens—this provides a fast platform for on-panel paint, and/or cladding finishes, to save further time and money.

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